Community Access & Capacity Building

Since the beginning of Empowered Community Services, we have supported over 500 individuals to access the community and develop capacity. Our Participants are in the driver’s seat when it comes to determining what they want to achieve, and we follow their lead.

From the beginning, it’s all about you. After your first meeting with us, we will build a profile of your likes, interests, things you’re good at and things you’re not so good at, so even if you don’t exactly know what you want to achieve with us – your profile can guide us.

It's all about you!

Success Story

Darren was our very first Participant here at Empowered Community Services, and over the last few years, Darren has achieved some fantastic things!

With the assistance of our Support Workers and his Support Coordinator, Darren has been able to complete several Tafe courses in Information Technology, find full-time work and continue to live independently.

It’s been great to see all the amazing progress Darren has made since he first joined Empowered Community Services in 2018. 

Team Leaders

Our platform is designed to ensure that our Participants are getting the most out of their supports. Each Participant is allocated a Team Leader, who will be their point of contact during their time with us. Team Leaders can assist with various things, but most importantly, ensuring that you are getting what you want out of your supports and ensuring that you are achieving your goals. Your Team Leader will check in with you and your support team from time to time to ensure that everything is going well.


Like all services, we are required to document your progress. However, we like to do it a bit different here, and we like to do it in collaboration with our Participants. Hearing directly from you about what you enjoyed about the day, what you achieved, and the plan for the following support. By collaborating with you, we can document your story more accurately and give you a stronger voice for your supports.

If you haven’t tried this yet, ask your Support Worker about it on your next support!


All of our Participants have access to our activity hub – The Space. The Space offers a range of different activities including;

  • Gaming lounge
  • Cooking and BBQ facilities
  • Gym
  • Access to computers

Participants are able to access The Space to work on their goals, hang out or meet new friends by joining one of the many group programmes that we offer.

We Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Do you have a bucket list of activities you have always wanted to try? Maybe, you have a hobby or interest you want to explore. At Empowered Community Servies, we can make it all come to life.

You may wish to get your shopping done, meet new people, check out the local gigs or go to the footy.

You may want to learn independence skills such as catching a bus, getting groceries or learning how to cook. Whatever you wish to do, whatever your goals, we can match you with a Support Worker that can help you get to your desired destination.

To get some ideas flowing, take a look at the list of some of the things you can achieve on support; 

  • Join a community group, whatever you are into. There are lots of people that like the same thing. Fixing bikes, playing board games, catching Pokémon, collecting rocks, painting or sewing. Can’t find a group, start your own!
  • If you are interested in spirituality, sample a church, temple, mosque or synagogue or if you want to find out more about cultural arts, give comedy, a musical, or ballet. 
  • Volunteer, whatever you love, there will always be a group that needs a helper. You might collect towels and blankets for animal rescue groups, collect books for the hospital, help school kids with reading, foster or adopt a pet, plant trees, build bat boxes or hold a fundraiser for a worthy cause.  
  • Check out disabled accessible horse riding, surfing, water skiing or sailing groups in your area.  
  • Learn from other people. Have you ever met a farmer, jockey, shearer, photographer, rugby player, triathlete, activist? You can find out a lot about your community through other people, and you might find your favourite hobby at the same time.
  • Go to community consultations and make your voice heard. Make sure your preferred communication method is supported by your Support Worker or someone who understands that you have barriers in daily life.
  • Find a book or audiobook, or start a savings jar for a big-ticket item you really want. 

The Possibilities Are Endless!

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Team Leaders

Participants receiving Community Access and Capacity Building Supports will be assigned a Team Leader. Our Team Leaders can help with tracking participant goals, developing strategies to assist with support, communicating strategies with staff, and developing reports progress reports. Team Leaders will be charged under the Non-face-to-face line item as necessary.

Establishment Fee

Participants with more than 20 hours of support per month may be charged an establishment fee when entering the service.