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Why Choose an Empowered NDIS Holiday?

Since 2018, we have done countless NDIS holidays for our participants. Each of our holidays has been a truly memorable experience for everyone involved. When we talk about matching participants – we mean it. Each Participant is matched based on suitability. We want your holiday to be a trip to remember!

During our initial meeting, we will listen to your interests and discuss some possible activities and locations you would like to visit. We will gather all the necessary information, such as your support requirements, any medication that needs to be administered and how you want your eggs cooked in the morning.

Nervous about going away with someone you’ve never met? That’s okay to break the ice; we will organise a meet and greet, so the first time you meet the Support Worker isn’t on the way to the airport. Your about to spend a couple of days together, so we want to make sure you and Support Worker are comfortable working together!

We will have an organised itinerary during the trip, so you know exactly what is happening and on which day. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your mailbox post-holiday, and you’ll receive a photo book filled with images from all the memorable moments from the trip.

If this sounds good to you, contact our NDIS holiday’s team for more information.


“My favourite thing about this role is when a Participant returns from their holiday and tells me what an amazing time they had. Then, I get to go through all the incredible photos and put together the photo books, knowing that they will have these memories forever. Empowered Holidays are unique and cater to the individual needs of each Participant, so, the Participant can let me know where they want to go and what they want to do.”


Paige Hammond

Holiday Coordinator




  • Ratio NDIS Cost

    Monday - Friday

  • 1:1 $8,004.60
  • 1:2 $4,542.09
  • 1:3 $3,387.91
  • 1:4 $3,281.07
  • Ratio NDIS Cost

    Thursday - Monday

  • 1:1 $9,533.72
  • 1:2 $5,281.65
  • 1:3 $3,864.29
  • 1:4 $3,155.62

Prices may fluctuate based on NDIS Pricing Arragements

How are holidays funded?

We often get asked by participants and stakeholders how are holidays are funded under the NDIS. 

Technically under the NDIS, holidays are not funded, but the supports that underpin them can be. These types of supports fall under Short Term Accomodation (Respite) Line Item. 

The NDIS price guide defines the Short Term Accommodation line item as “Integrated support for self-care, accommodation, food and activities in a centre or group residence for short periods.”. 

This line item can be used flexibly over the period of 24 hours to provide accommodation, food and negotiated activities over a short period of time. A portion of that can funding can be used towards a hotel or an Airbnb and a contribution towards activities.

 Funding for Short Term Accommodation falls under the Core budget, which can be used for a variety of things as they meet the reasonable & necessary criteria.

Ability Fest Melbourne

Cost: NDIS Supports


Starting on: March 3, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Starting on: April 11, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports


Starting on: May 12, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports

Vivid Light Festival

Starting on: June 2, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports

Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Sydney

Starting on: June 17, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports

Bathurst Winter Festival

Starting on: July 14, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports


Starting on: August 15, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports

Byron Bay Wellness Retreat

Starting on: September 22, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports

Halloween @ Port Macquarie

Starting on: October 28, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports

Melbourne Cup Race Day @ Sydney

Starting on: October 31, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports

Hunter Valley Christmas

Starting on: December 9, 2022
Cost: NDIS Supports

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Team Leaders

We encourage all participants to be assigned a Team Leader from Empowered. Our Team Leaders can help with tracking participant goals, developing strategies to assist with support, communicate strategies with staff, and develop reports as requested. If you do not wish to be allocated a Team Leader please notify our administration staff.