Not All Disabilities are Visible


Did you know that 1 in 5 Australians 🇦🇺 live with a disability? ♿ What’s more, not all disabilities are apparent at first glance. 👀 Many individuals have an invisible disability, enduring daily challenges that are frequently overlooked or misunderstood by others. It’s crucial for us as a society to raise awareness 📣 and foster understanding ❤️ of these hidden struggles.By doing so, we can work together to cultivate a more inclusive 🤝 and empathetic environment for all. 🌍 Join us as our participants share their personal experiences 🗣️ and insights related to invisible disabilities.Through their stories, we can begin to dispel the misconceptions surrounding disabilities and build a community where everyone feels valued and supported ❤️💙

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Participants receiving Community Access and Capacity Building Supports will be assigned a Team Leader. Our Team Leaders can help with tracking participant goals, developing strategies to assist with support, communicating strategies with staff, and developing reports progress reports. Team Leaders will be charged under the Non-face-to-face line item as necessary.

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Participants with more than 20 hours of support per month may be charged an establishment fee when entering the service.