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Click Here to view our Emergency (COVID-19) Pandemic Plan

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Group Activities

Group activities are a great way to build friendships with peers of similar age and interests. We have male, female as well as mixed groups for ages between 16 – 65. Groups aim to increase participant’s capacity, make new friends and increase social & community participation. 

We’re always looking to expand the groups we have on offer so if you have a group you’d like to start or have an idea for a singular group event like going to watch a concert, we’re all ears! If you’re struggling to think of ideas, have a look at our event calendar for some inspiration.

Currently Empowered offers the following group activities; 

 Monday: Sewing

Each Monday the sewing group meets at the office to complete projects, collect supplies from spotlight, socialise and listen to music. Each year the group prepare for their annual stall where they sell the amazing things they have been working on all year.

Tuesday: Capacity Building

The Tuesday group completes different activities each week. Activities are based around capacity building tasks such as money handling and catching public transport. Whilst building their capacity they also complete fun activities like going to the pool and boxing.

Wednesday: Gaming

Each Wednesday night the group meets at the office to play different video games on various consoles. Each week the guys take turns on choosing video games as well as choosing the weekly take out!  

Thursday: Barbeque

Every week the group head out to various parks and areas around Newcastle to socialise and take turns in cooking the weekly barbeque. The guys frequently visit Blackbutt, Stockton as well as Warners Bay. So come and enjoy the great surrounds and awesome company.

 Fortnightly Saturday: Dinner & Live Music

 Every second week we have our biggest turnout at Cardiff Wests for dinner and live music. If you like having a bit of a dance and meeting new people than this group is for you!

For further information contact our office staff.

Do you have a bucket list of activities you have always wanted to have a go at? Do you have a hobby or interest that you want to spend more time doing?  Do you want to contribute to your community in a way that means a lot to you? Need some support to make it happen? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Empowered offers a wide range of social supports, how we can help you is all up to you! You are the master of your own Empowered life and we get alongside you to build capacity and have fun and laughter along the way. Our workers help with so many different dreams, it is different for every person but it’s all about your needs and how you want to live your life.

You may wish to get your shopping done, join a group, meet new people, check out the local gigs, go to the footy or get involved in your local community

You may want to learn independence skills such as catching a bus, getting groceries or learning how to cook. Whatever you wish to do, whatever your goals, we can match you with a support worker that can help you live an Empowered life. 

Empowered thinks outside basic activities that many services offer. We work with you and support your decision making and communication of how you want to be involved in your community.  We can help you sample new things or get involved in the ‘thing’ that ensures you are truly living the life you want. Talk to us today about your life goals and see how we can empower your dreams. 

Are you wanting to try new things and are unsure where to start?  Want something different than being a tourist in your community? Have a look at the list of things to do people with a disability have thought of:

  • Join a community group, whatever you are into, there are lots of people that like the same thing. Fixing bikes, playing board games, catching Pokémon, collecting rocks painting or sewing. Can’t find a group, start your own!
  • If you are interested in spirituality, sample a church, temple, mosque or synagogue or if you want to find out more about cultural arts, give comedy, a musical, or ballet.  You never know, you might find something you like you never knew about.  
  • Volunteer, whatever you love, there will always be a group that needs a helper. You might collect towels and blankets for animal rescue groups, help feed the homeless, collecting books for the hospital, help school kids with reading, foster or adopt a pet, plant trees, build bat boxes or hold a fundraiser for a worthy cause.  
  • If you want to have a go at something, but your disability seems like it has some barriers, check out disabled accessible horse riding, surfing, water skiing or sailing groups in your area.  
  • Learn from other people.  Have you ever met a farmer, jockey, shearer, photographer, an immigrant, rugby player, triathlete, activist?  You can find out heaps about your community through other people and you might find your favourite hobby at the same time.
  • Go to community consultations and make your voice heard. Make sure your preferred communication method is supported by your Empowered support worker, or someone who understands that you have barriers in daily life, like access or inclusion.  
  • Learn how to be financially responsible, find a book or audiobook, or start a savings jar for a big-ticket item you really want.

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