Team Leaders

Our Team Leaders are an important part of our support structure at Empowered Community Services. Each of our Team Leaders has first-hand experience in the field of Disability Support Work and uses their valuable experience to guide our Support Workers. Team Leaders are able to provide support to our Participants and are able to ensure that their supports remain person-centred and that each Participant is continually given the choice and control over their support plan.

Team Leaders are here to help you on your journey and to make sure that you are achieving your NDIS goals with the right support around you.

Team Leaders will be charged to a Participant under Non-Face to Face Supports from the most relevant line item. This will be written in a Participants Service Agreement as ‘Team Leader Assistance’.

Notes regarding support Team Leaders have provided are available to a Participant upon request.

For more information on our Team Leaders or to find out how you can talk to your Team Leader, please phone the office on 02 4054 9286.

Some of the different types of tasks our Team Leaders can help you with are;

  • Creating a plan for your supports and ensuring that your supports remain goal focused.
  • Touching base with you from time to time to monitor progress and ensure that you are happy with the support you are receiving.
  • Ensuring that you have an up-to-date Service Agreement and that you understand the different sections throughout the agreement.
  • Assisting with Participant/Support Worker matching and ensuring that you are happy with the staff that you have been assigned.
  • Organising meetings with your team of Support Workers.
  • Communicating with external organisations and providers on your behalf as it relates to your Community Access supports. Keep in mind that this will be different from your Support Coordinator.
  • Updating your profile to reflect your goals, interests and support requirements.
  • Being your main point of contact at our organisation.
  • Writing reports to assist you in preparation for your NDIS plan review.