What Does Good Support Coordination Look Like?

Good Support Coordination involves building skills so participants can exercise greater choice and control over the planning and implementation of their support.

This includes;

  • Helping the participant to develop skills and knowledge to become more independent;
  • Assisting the participant to connect with mainstream, community and informal supports as well as NDIS funded supports;
  • Giving multiple options for support to the participant and encouraging them to make choices;
  • Explaining how the NDIS works in an understandable way;
  • Supporting the participant to understand what services are available to choose from;
  • Helping the participant to understand and exercise their rights;
  • Working collaboratively with the participant, their family, carers and other professionals.


Your Support Coordinator is there to help you make choices about your disability support and plan for your future.

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Team Leaders

Participants receiving Community Access and Capacity Building Supports will be assigned a Team Leader. Our Team Leaders can help with tracking participant goals, developing strategies to assist with support, communicating strategies with staff, and developing reports progress reports. Team Leaders will be charged under the Non-face-to-face line item as necessary.

Establishment Fee

Participants with more than 20 hours of support per month may be charged an establishment fee when entering the service.