Enriching the Lives of People With a Disability

empowered community services
Supporting Participants of

The Lake Macquarie & Newcastle area for more than seven years

From the first step to the last, your journey is our priority. We’re with you every step of the way

Your journey, our support

empowered community services

Community Access

From the inception of Empowered Community Services, we've had the privilege of assisting over 500 individuals in seamlessly integrating into the community and enhancing their capabilities. Our participants steer their own journey, setting their goals and aspirations, and we're honored to be their chosen co-pilots, following their lead every step of the way.

Group Activities

Group activities offer a vibrant platform for forging connections with peers who share similar ages and passions. We cater to diverse groups, including male-only, female-only, and mixed gatherings, spanning ages 16 to 65. Our groups are designed to amplify participants' capabilities, foster new friendships, and elevate their engagement within the community.

Support Coordination

Maximise the value of your NDIS plan with our expert Support Coordinators. We have a deep understanding of diverse needs and are proficient at creating personalised strategies to help you reach your unique goals. Partner with us to transform your dreams into reality

Short Stays (Respite)

Ready for a break from the usual? Want to try new activities, meet new people, or learn new skills? If you're eager to explore but need some support along the way, we're here to help. Check out our NDIS Respite options.

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