We’re pleased to share that we have a designated location specifically for hosting a variety of group activities. This welcoming environment is known as ‘The Space,’ and it’s been serving our community wonderfully for some time now.


If you’re keen to meet new people, try different activities, or simply venture out of your comfort zone, ‘The Space’ is the ideal setting. Our facility features a well-equipped gym, a calming outdoor area, and a BBQ spot—each designed to enhance your social and group activity experience.


Come and feel the community vibe at ‘The Space,’ where new friendships are forged, skills are developed, and lasting memories are made. To learn more about connecting with social and community activities, visit this comprehensive guide on the NDIS website.

See Our Group Activities Below

Group Activities

Engaging in group activities is not just fun—it’s a powerful way to forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Catering to a diverse age range from 16 to 65, we offer male-only, female-only, and mixed groups, ensuring that everyone finds their ideal social setting. Our carefully curated activities are designed to enrich Participants’ lives, expand their social circles, and enhance their engagement with the community at large.


Every week, the sewing circle gathers at ‘The Space’ to stitch together fabrics and weave a community of creativity and camaraderie.


From sourcing supplies at Spotlight to enjoying tunes that set the mood, the group indulges in a holistic experience beyond needle and thread. The highlight of the year is our annual stall, where the group proudly showcases and sells the incredible creations they’ve been meticulously crafting throughout the year.


Art and craft sessions at ‘The Space’ are more than just a pastime—they’re a sanctuary for creative expression and relaxation. With many artistic mediums and materials at your disposal, the possibilities are virtually endless.


Whether sketching, painting, assembling jewellery, or exploring other crafts, each activity offers a unique pathway to unleash your creativity. It’s not just about the end product; it’s about the journey of bringing your imaginative visions to life.

Dance Troupe!​

Introducing Empowered’s Dance Troupe—a fusion of rhythm, movement, and community! The advantages of dance extend far beyond the physical; it’s a holistic experience that enriches your well-being while offering a vibrant social platform.


Our troupe dives into meticulously choreographed routines each week, honing skills and building camaraderie. The experience doesn’t end there; after practice, we head out for dinner to discuss upcoming performances and celebrate our collective passion for dance.


Level up your Wednesday nights at ‘The Space,’ where our gaming community comes together for an evening of virtual adventures and camaraderie!


With a rotating selection of video games across multiple consoles, there’s always something new to explore. And the fun doesn’t stop there—each week, members take turns selecting the game of the week and the takeout dinner that fuels our gaming sessions.

Power Moves

Fast-track your fitness aspirations with Power Moves, a holistic programme that seamlessly blends physical movement with mindfulness techniques.


Each session is carefully structured to engage both body and mind, offering a comprehensive approach to well-being. To round off the experience, Participants are treated to a nutritious lunch that leaves them feeling both nourished and revitalised.

Men’s Group

Introducing MENSday—a day devoted exclusively to the gents, offering a dynamic blend of camaraderie and activities. From sizzling BBQ lunches to hands-on DIY projects, MENSday celebrates all things masculine. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast, a green thumb, or a fitness aficionado, there’s something for everyone.

Hour of Power Fitness

Get ready to elevate your fitness journey at our purpose-built gym in ‘The Space’! Each week, we unite for a comprehensive workout session that covers all the bases—from weights to cardio. In a supportive environment, these sessions are the perfect opportunity to work toward your fitness goals. So, do you have specific fitness outcomes you’re aiming for? Join us, and let’s achieve them together!

Friends On Friday Group

Introducing our all-in-one Friday Group—a dynamic blend of all our popular activities and then some! Splitting our time between ‘The Space’ and various community locations, this group is designed to focus on community participation. Whether passionate about art, cooking, fitness, or music, this is your one-stop social hub for diverse activities and community engagement.


If you’re seeking a multifaceted experience combining the best indoor and outdoor activities, our Friday Group could be the perfect fit for you!

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