Acknowledgement of Country

Empowered Community Services acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia as the nation’s first people and recognises that as the traditional custodians of the land have a cultural and a spiritual relationship with their traditional lands and waters.


Empowered recognises the custodianship of the land in which we operate as the traditional country of the Awabakal, Worrimi & Kuring- gai peoples and pay our respects to Aboriginal Elders, past, present and emerging.


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Pictured above – Our Reconciliation Action Plan artwork was designed by proud Barkindji woman – Jasmine Craciun.

Our Commitment to Reconciliation

Our journey towards reconciliation begins with acknowledging Australia’s colonial history and its profound impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The legacy of this history—marked by violence, racial discrimination, land dispossession, and systemic prejudice—continues to affect these communities. We fully acknowledge these enduring effects and understand that meaningful reconciliation can only progress by actively addressing the disadvantages that persist today.


We are proud to announce that our foundational ‘Reflect’ – Reconciliation Action Plan has received formal approval from Reconciliation Australia. This endorsement underscores our commitment to fostering improved relations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Designed to cultivate positive, sustainable relationships, our Reconciliation Action Plan serves as a roadmap for active collaboration with these communities.


As part of our deep commitment to this journey, Empowered is actively working towards implementing the actions outlined in our Reconciliation Action Plan. We are also dedicating time to learn and understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, and contributions, enriching our perspective and enhancing our approach to reconciliation.


Empowered is steadfast in its commitment to strengthening relationships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community through meaningful engagement and mutually beneficial partnerships. Our approved Reconciliation Action Plan and ongoing guidance from members of these communities serve as cornerstones in this vital endeavour

Reflect Reconciliation

Action Plan

Empowered Community Services are excited to introduce our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan where we are able to take sustainable and strategic meaningful action to advance reconciliation.


At the core, reconciliation is about strengthening relationships between First Peoples of Australia and non-Indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all Australians. Reconciliation is an ongoing journey that reminds us that while generations of Australians have fought hard for meaningful change, future gains are likely to take just as much, if not more effort. In a just, reconciled, and equitable Australia, the rights of First Nations are not just respected, but championed in all the places that matter.


We are committed to building and strengthening relationships with First Nations stakeholders and organisations; increasing understanding, value and recognition of First Nations histories, cultures and knowledges; and providing opportunities to help improve First Nations economic and social outcomes.


Feel free to read through our RAP and join us in playing our part in reconciliation!

Reconciliation Australia

Reconciliation Australia is the lead body for reconciliation in the nation, promoting a just, equitable, and reconciled Australia.


The NIAA is responsible for improving the lives of Indigenous Australians through policies and programs that focus on economic and social development.

Change The Record

Empowered Community Services donates to Change the Record. Change the Record is Australia’s only national Aboriginal led justice coalition of legal, health and family violence prevention experts. Their mission is to end the incarceration of, and family violence against, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Change the Record is focused on building stronger and safer communities through early intervention, prevention and diversion strategies.

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