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Click Here to view our Emergency (COVID-19) Pandemic Plan

Download our Coronavirus Quick Guide here

About Us

Empowered Community Services was founded by Jonathon Power in January of 2017. Inspired by his lived experiences supporting both parents who have lifelong disabilities and after working as a Disability Support Worker, the idea for Empowered was born.

Empowered originally started providing Community Access supports throughout Newcastle, and by June 2018 we increased our scope of support to include Support Coordination, Group Activities and Short Term Accommodation (Respite).

Our Focus is People

People that may have some differences, but people just like us. Just like our participants, our staff are diverse and each have their own interests and backgrounds, which enables us to provide the best and most appropriate staff to assist our participants to reach their goals and aspirations. 

EVERY one of our staff is trained to national standards and completes our own in house training. Staff are trained on a variety of different topics including disability awareness, mental health, and disability inclusion.

 Our aim is to put our participants at the heart of the decision making process throughout their time at Empowered. By including our participants in the decision making process we aim to exercise their choice and control over their desired service. Services ensure that each participant is an active and belonging member of their community and enables them to contribute in some way shape or form.  

Since the beginning of Empowered we have always promoted real world experiences which enable participants to share ordinary places. We understand that our participants are more than participants, they are people each with their own story and background, as Support Workers one of the great things we get to do is discover those stories!

Core Values

Empowered strongly believes that consistent hard work leads to successful outcomes.

Our services are committed to the ongoing development of service delivery and growth of our participants.

Empowered will respect and value the diversity of staff and participants.

Trust ensures that we can make complex things possible.

If we do not understand, how can we contribute? To collaborate well we must understand ourselves and each other.

When we respect someone for who they are, it enables them to be their ideal self. 

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Referral Form

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Please note, Empowered has a minimum shift length of four hours for all new participants.
*Participants who require less than a four support will be subject to approval and will depend on the total number of hours of support required per week*

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