A Day in the Life of a Support Coordinator

Life of a Support Coordinator


No two days are the same as a Support Coordinator. I always start the day by logging onto my laptop to check if I have any meetings scheduled, complete emails, and attend to phone calls. This is the best way to start the day to ensure I know what is ahead of me and can be as prepared as possible.


A typical day in the life of a Support Coordinator consists of but is not limited to attending plan reassessment meetings, making new referrals for Participants, liaising with providers and support networks, checking in with Participants to ensure their current supports meet their needs, attending stakeholder meetings and completing plan implementations. The list goes on. This can vary daily; as mentioned, no two days are the same.


This is what makes the role of a Support Coordinator unique, as there is always something different happening each day for every Participant. Having time with your team of Support Coordinators is crucial to exchanging ideas and liaising about new things you may have learnt throughout the day. Any spare time throughout the day is beneficial for additional training and ensuring I am up to speed with any NDIS changes.


– Tanika McDonell, Support Coordinator


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