How can a NDIS Support Coordinator assist me?


A Support Coordinator will work in partnership to implement your NDIS plan, they’ll assist you to break down your budgets and connect you with local disability service providers.


If you haven’t heard of a Support Coordinator before, that’s okay. You might have heard the role referred to as a COS or a Coordinator of Supports.


Here is a bit of an overview of what a Support Coordinator can do and how they might be able to assist you on your NDIS journey!


A Support Coordinator is a specialised worker who has a good understanding of the NDIS as well as the different services you can access with your funds. They work in partnership with you and your family, helping you to understand the NDIS, how it works and how you can achieve your goals. They also work in partnership with other disability service providers. You can talk about any concerns or worries you might have about the NDIS or other related matters like housing.


But why do I need a Support Coordinator?


Your Support Coordinator is your main point of contact for the NDIS. They are there to help you access a range of supports and services, including things like equipment, therapies and education.


So, if I’m eligible for a Support Coordinator, should I ask for one?  


Everyone is able to ask for a Support Coordinator. The sooner you ask for a Support Coordinator the better as they will be able to help you access supports and services.


If you would like more information about NDIS Support Coordination or would like to speak with someone from our team, give the Empowered Community Services office a call today.


(02) 4054 9286

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