Information For Your Support Coordinator

Your Support Coordinator will need some important information from you to best support you on your NDIS journey!


Be sure to bring the following items to your initial meeting with your Support Coordinator:


  • Personal details including your age, family situation, employment details, and contact details.
  • Your current NDIS plan.
  • A list of any of your friends, relatives or anyone whom you might get assistance from.
  • A list of services you receive. This might include people who help you with your daily routine, your doctors, psychologists or counsellors.
  • Your goals for the future. These might be short-term or long-term goals; They might be about learning new things, getting a job or becoming more independent.
  • Any important medical information.
  • Anything else you think is important.


Your Support Coordinator will use this information to develop your support plan with you. They will work with you to identify the most important goals to you and how you can achieve them. They will also connect you with services and support to help you achieve your goals.


Remember: You are in charge of your support. You can change your goals at any time and add new ones. You can also change the services and supports you receive. Your Support Coordinator is there to help you make these changes.

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