What Does A Good Relationship With Your Support Coordinator Look Like?

A good relationship with your Support Coordinator is built on trust. You should feel comfortable discussing your goals and needs with them. They should understand your situation and be able to provide you with the information and resources you need to make informed decisions about your support.


Your Support Coordinator should:


  • Respect your wishes;
  • Keep your personal information confidential;
  • Make sure you understand your support plan and how it will be implemented;
  • Help you find the services and supports you need;
  • Engage you in everyday activities within your community;
  • Develop skills to increase your independence;
  • Monitor your progress towards your goals;
  • Communicate with you regularly and on agreed terms;
  • Be available to answer your questions.


You should feel like you can talk to your Support Coordinator about anything that is important to you.

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