What is an NDIS Service Agreement?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an initiative by the Australian government to provide a better quality of life for people with disabilities. The NDIS can be difficult to navigate especially when it comes to organising your supports. Once you have engaged with a service provider, you will require a document known as a ‘Service Agreement’.  The Service Agreement covers a lot of information, including how often you will be provided with supports, what those supports might be, where they may take place as well as explaining how the provider will deal with feedback and complaints.


If you are confused about what an NDIS service agreement is or why it’s important to create one, read on for a detailed run-through of the most important aspects of a Service Agreement.


The provider’s general instructions: This section will outline their service rules, such as confidentiality.


Cancellation Policy: Each provider will have a different cancellation policy in place. It is important to check that the cancellation policy is in line with the NDIS price guide.


Rights and responsibilities: This will outline the rights of the participants when engaging with a service. It will also inform you of the provider’s responsibilities, such as how much notice they need to provide before changing or ceasing a service.


Plan of support engagement: This will contain the goals, objectives, and details of your support plan.


Payment and billing information: This section will outline how you are invoiced for services provided and their payment methods and policies.


Complaint handling procedures: This is an important section to review when looking at a service provider’s service agreement. It outlines their process of resolving complaints and how they go about this.


If this still sounds confusing or you need support, we have trained Support Coordinators who can assist with all aspects of your NDIS plan as well as explaining your Service Agreement. Our Support Coordinators will tie everything together into a seamless package to ensure that your NDIS journey is as stress-free as possible.


If you want more information check out our Support Coordination page, which features more blog posts about Support Coordination and the NDIS.

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