Providing a great alternative to traditional respite

“My favourite thing about this role is when a Participant returns from their short stay and tells me what an amazing time they had. Then, I get to go through all the incredible photos and put together the photo books, knowing that they will have these memories forever. Empowered short stays are unique and cater to the individual needs of each Participant, so, the Participant can let me know where they want to go and what they want to do.”

- Paige Hammond

Respite Coordinator

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How is respite funded?

We often get asked by participants and stakeholders how short stays are funded under the NDIS. Short stays fall under the short-term accommodation line item (This comes from the Core Budget in a Participants NDIS Plan).

The NDIS price guide defines the short-term accommodation line item as “Integrated support for self-care, accommodation, food & activities in a centre or group residence for short periods”. This line item can be used flexibly over 24 hours to provide accommodation, food & negotiated activities over a short period. A portion of that funding can be used towards a hotel or an Airbnb, activities and going out for a nice meal.

Participants wishing to have a short stay should have a clearly defined goal in their NDIS plan that relates to respite or short-term accommodation. The purpose of the short stay should be included in the plan as part of the participant’s goal.


If you are a participant or a provider and have questions about using this line item, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team would be happy to chat through potential options with you.

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